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June 4, 2017

Tips for Newbies to Ragnarok Online PH

The relaunch of Ragnarok Online Philippines (ROPH) is set to start on June 20, 2017. A lot of newbies (those who are too young to play when it was first launched in 2003) are asking for tips on how to survive in Rune-Midgard.

World Map

There is no Juno map yet once the server is up on June 20, 2017. It will just be Rune-Midgard Kingdom and some maps accessible from Alberta dock.

Well, there are a lot of tricks and tips posted already on iRO Wiki, iRO Forums and Rate My Server regarding stats, skills and equipment. I highly suggest that you begin reading those guide if you want to level up fast in the game.

Now, if you truly want to enjoy the game (like me), here are some tips that I can share:

  1. Start with a good name – catchy, with no special characters, like Pritong Kandule, Tiger Lily, Maldita, etc. This will make it easy for your newfound friends to message you in-game. If ever RODEX (mail system in-game) is implemented, it will make it a lot easier for your friends, party mates and guild mates to send you items and supplies.

If you wanted to have that good, catchy, simple name that you have in mind now, then you have to be online on June 20, 2017 to grab it. If you have 2 different accounts and if it has 3 slots each, then think of 6 good names already, even if you don’t know what job they’ll be in the future.

  1. Finish the in-game tutorial – and don’t leave the training ground until you’re Job Level 10 (9 skill points). It’s easier to reach that level in the training grounds because the map is smaller and the spawn rate is high. You’ll also be given extra experience (XP) points by talking to the Non-Playable Characters (NPC) in the training ground. They will also give you Novice Red Pots which is very helpful in your Novice days. Not to mention that the Training Grounds is flooded with Porings, Drops, Fabres and Chon-Chon.

The Personality Test that is available after you reach Job Level 10 is also fun to answer and it will suggest the best job for you to take (if you select the closest answers to the question and not what you think is the best answer).

  1. Loot everything – including the drop from Porings called Jellopies. Sell these only if you need zennies (in-game currency) to warp to other towns or to buy red potions (pots). Keep these loots (items being drop from monsters) in your Kafra storage. Once you have an Overprice-Discount (OC-DC) Merchant, then you could sell these loots for a higher price.
  2. Statistics (Stats) – There are 6 stats: STR (strength), AGI (agility), VIT (vitality), DEX (dexterity), INT (intelligence) and LUK (luck). Melee characters like swordsman, thieves, merchants needs STR for damage, DEX to hit the monster and either AGI for fast attack and dodging the enemies; or VIT to reduce the amount of damage that they receive from monsters.

The damage of archers depend on DEX, while the damage of magicians (mage) depends on INT. Acolytes’ heal depends on INT and they can use heal (and pressing the shift key) against Undead monsters. LUK is used by Critical Assassins, Forgers and Falconers/Blitzers (Hunters).

  1. First Character and Build – I suggest having a merchant to avail of their discount and overcharge skill. If you got a lot of red potions from the training ground and you wanted to start on a main character, then a thief will be fine. Thieves have Double Damage and Dodge skills to evade the monsters attack. The higher your Dodge skills (combine with AGI), then the less red pots you’ll be using.

If you decide on a swordsman, an AGI swordie will use less red pots than a VIT swordie.

Archers are popular 1st character but they’ll be spending additional zennies for arrows. Advantage is, they are nuker (or range attack) so they can snipe Mandragoras from afar. Magicians (mages) have the same range advantage but they’ll need a lot of Skill Points (SP) pots – like strawberries – to keep on casting spells. Otherwise, you’ll be sitting a lot of times to regain your SP, similar to acolytes.

Some characters and build might be faster at first, but other builds can catch up pretty well once they turn into 2nd jobs (Knights, Assassin, Hunter, Priests, Blacksmiths and Wizards). There are no 2-2 jobs yet so you’ll be holding on to your Sage, Monk, Crusader, Rogue, Bard and Dancer, Alchemist build for a little while (after 6 months).

  1. Avoid all sorts of scams – including those asking for zennies so that you’ll be invited in a guild. Guild Masters will invite you at no extra fee or so, once you attain their required level or you’ve proven to be tough (high HP or skillful). There are also the trade scams – those that intentionally cancel a trade (pretending that it was accidentally cancelled) and replacing the card that you’re buying with a common card. Imaging trading for a Whisper Card. He cancels it. Re-do the trade, but putting a Poring Card instead.

Rune-Midgard is a smaller version of the real world: there are a lot of scammers. Be alert and protect yourself.

  1. Tanking – is when a high level player hit a monster once (that doesn’t change target) and then let a low-level character kill it (by having enough DEX to hit the monster). The game will feature “ignore player differences between player and monster”.

If you’re lucky, one of those novices you meet on the first few days of the Closed Beta Testing (CBT) turns out to be an old timer and levels up way faster than everyone else. He remembers you and decides to spend an hour or two tanking your character. So be nice to everyone you meet online. You never knew what his others characters are.

  1. Ragnarok Online (RO) requires A LOT of your time – You can’t expect a decent character overnight. Even if you reach level 99 in a few weeks, hunting/farming for equipment, ores (for upgrading) and cards will eat up a lot of your time. Since the server setting is 1x (100% experience), then it will definitely be a grinding-game.

Don’t worry, I’m sure there are items that will be available in the Cash Shop to make you level-up a bit faster but I suggest you use it once the Commercial Launch of Ragnarok is announced. Closed Beta Testing (CBT) stage is mostly for testing the server settings, finding bugs, getting familiar with the navigation of the game, creating different builds, etc.

  1. Zenny-Wise – avoid Player vs Player (PVP) matches in your early levels since each much have fees. Avoid using Kafra services for Warping to different towns very often. It will be advisable if you can walk from town to town to save zennies and to get familiar with the maps. Besides, some of the maps are adjacent to each other like Prontera to Izlude (1 map South of Prontera then East map). Payon is near Alberta (1 map East, 2 maps South and then 1 map East again).
  2. Join guilds – especially those in your real world location. If you’re around Metro Manila, look for a Manila-based guild. If you’re in Baguio, Cavite, Iloilo, General Santos, Davao, etc. It will make the eyeballs (EB) easier in the future.

If you’re in a Guild, you will know when your guildmate is online. If the guild owns a Castle (Agit) after the War of Emperium (the best feature of the game), then the Guild Master can share some of the loots. A lot of guilds are already advertising as early as now on Facebook. All you have to do is level your character first and then join them.

FA Xmas EBvalhalla united2

  1. Elements – similar to The Last Airbender (the anime), there are 4 basic elements in-game: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth. Like the anime, Fire is strongest against Earth-type monsters. Earth is strongest against Wind; Wind is strongest against Water; and Water is strongest against Fire.

If you’re going to buy an elemental weapon from a Forger (a blacksmith that specializes in creating weapons with elemental attributes), I suggest you obtain a Very Very Strong Wind Weapon. Wind element is very useful in Bayalan Dungeon – 5 levels (floors) full of monsters with different difficulty and it’s all weak against a Wind weapon.

There are additional elements like Holy, Dark, Ghost, Poison and you’ll learn those as you level up. Holy is strong against Dark (Undead, Demon races).

  1. Monster Races – are Undead, Demon, Insects, Brute, Angel (mostly Holy property), Formless, Demi-Humans and the MVP a.k.a. Boss Monsters. Acolytes have advantages over Undead monsters because they can use their Heal to “Heal Bomb” the Undeads. Archers have advantages over Brute monsters because of your skill. Swordsman have a skill called Magnum Break (which is a Fire Property attack) and will also be useful against Undead monsters. If you happen to be a mage, make sure you invest a skill point on the Sense – a skill that will let you gain all the information needed against a monster.
  2. Quests – Make sure that you finish the Skill Quests (like Finding Stone, Arrow Repel, Cart Revolution, etc). This will give your character extra skills. There is also a lot of Headgear Quests in-game (like Sakkat, Pretend Murder). Ragnarok’s trade mark is the headgears. There are tons of headgears you can have in-game and a lot of it can be obtain via in-game quests or events quests (like Christmas events, Valentine’s events, Easter events).
  3. Maps – around a town are normally safe for low-level characters. Since the new ROPH will start from Episode 1, the maps included include Rune Midgard – Prontera, Izlude, Payon, Alberta, Geffen, Morroc and Aldebaran. The further away you go from these major cities, the harder the monsters will be.

Navigation is usually given by the number of maps you have to go to your destination like if you’re in Payon; the dungeon is 1 map north. If you’re going to the Culvert, it’s 1 map West of Prontera. Spinx is 1 map West of Morroc and the Pyramids is 1 map North-West of Morroc. Glast Heim, a popular leveling spot for Acolytes and Archers, is 2 maps West of Geffen, then 1 map North and 1 map West again.

  1. No sharing of username and password – even to the Game Masters (GM) or your Guild Masters. Username and PW is like toothbrush – you don’t share it with anyone, ever.
  2. Ragnarok is a Role-Playing Game – you can create a unique character based on the stats, skills and equipment. There are common builds like Agi-Dex archer, Vit-Int acolytes, Dex-Int mages, Agi-Str swordsman, Agi-Str thieves, etc. There are also the unconventional or uncommon builds which can be fun builds like battle acolytes (Agi-Str), trapper hunters (Vit-Int), falconers (Agi-Int-Luk), bow thieves (Agi-Dex), Vit swordies (usually using 1 hand sword or 1 hand spears), etc. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Skills, Stats, Damage – The numbers you see on yourself when someone uses a skill on you, or the numbers you see on monsters when you apply a skill denotes either the damage, a double damage or an attack on you. A Red number on yourself means the damage that was inflicted on you. A green font number is the heal or restoration that a potion did to you. A blue font number is for your Skill Points (SP). A yellow font number on the monster you’re attacking means a double-damage. A number with a maroon pointed animation is a critical hit.
  4. Cards – are being dropped by certain monsters in-game. A card can enhance your Statistics (like a Poring Card to add +1 to your Luck or an Elder Willow Card to add +1 to your INT) or give you a skill (like Sidewinder that grants level 5 Double Attack) or a Vitata Card that gives you Heal Level 1.

Some cards will reduce the damage you receive from Demi-Human monsters (and players) like Raydric Card and Thara Frog cards. Some cards can increase your damage to certain type/race of monsters (like Hydra Cards for Demi-Human monsters).

If you happen to get a card, keep it for now. Study if it’s going to be beneficial to your current (or future) character and check whether it’s best to insert it to your current slotted gear. Don’t eagerly put a Pupa Card on your Cotton Shirt[1]. Try to at least get a Coat[1] from Fur Seals.

  1. Read the Patch Notes – All the changes in the game and all the new features (usually introduced after the weekly maintenance) are written in the Patch Notes. Don’t click on the Play button as soon as the patch is complete. Take time to read the Patch Notes.
  2. Always bring basic items with you – like Fly Wing (randomly teleports your character in the map), Butterfly Wing (a.k.a. Bwing, to teleport you to your save point), Magnifier (to identify items that are dropped from monsters), Concentration and Awakening Potions (for added attack speed), Blue Gemstone (Gems) if you’re an acolyte, Silver Arrows if you’re an archer, and Potions (Pots) like Red, Yellow, White pots depending on your Hit Points (HP) a.k.a. Life Bar.

If you’re a Merchant, invest a skill point on Item Appraisal. It will let you save on Magnifiers.

  1. Use Social Media to your advantage – Either you join a Facebook messenger for your Guild and online friends to ask questions. Or to ask when are they going to be online again. Make sure that you’re subscribed to the Official Facebook page of Ragnarok Online Philippines (ROPH) for in-game and real-life events.

Join the Official Forum as well once it’s up to post questions and get guides on quests and other things. Visit other Official Forums as well like the Warp Portal Forums. While sitting in-game to gain much needed SP or HP, alt+tab, read the threads on these forums. Please post questions too and participate in the Ragnarok Community. The game is not all about hack and slash – it’s leveling your character the smartest way – and gaining real life friends along the way.

I can give you a bunch more tips about playing Ragnarok Online but these can all be summarize in one line – participate/play in the Closed Beta Testing. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes about your stats or skills. CBT is the best place to get to know the maps, the monsters, the items, the cards. While learning all of these, make sure you make new friends and enjoy every bit of time that you’re online. Have loads of fun!


Ragnarok Online goes beyond being in-game and being on-line. We even have a t-shirt for our Fear Ascendant guild in Thor-Valhalla. We attend Ozine Fest and even swimming.

old payon cave

This is not mine. But this is the oldest screenshot I can find of the old Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) way back in 2003. I’m not expecting the new ROPH server to be jampacked as this one (outside of Payon Cave) but at least I’m expecting a server population of about 2,000+ each for Thor and Loki.


I admire Ragnarok players because they do stuff beyond the game – like having blacksmith toys and other merchandize.

June 2, 2017

Ragnarok Online Philippines CBT Starts June 20, 2017

Mark you calendars guys. The Closed Beta Testing (CBT) of Ragnarok Online Philippines (ROPH) under new publisher Electronics Extreme is set for June 20, 2017.

It’s a race to get those desired in-games. Would someone be creating such memorable names like Pritong Kandule and Tiger Lily? It’s also a race to get the first Emperium and be the first guild in Rune-Midgard Kingdom.

See you guys in-game!

ROPH CBT June 20, 2017

May 22, 2017

My Ragnarok CV


Profile Pic Zach 2

May 22, 2017



My name is Zach Roerig. I’m an Archbishop level 156 and I would like to apply in your Guild as an acolyte in the upcoming Ragnarok Online Philippines server in mid-June 2017.

From 2003 to present, I’ve played the role of Trapper, Minstrel, Soul Linker and (currently) Archbishop. That’s a solid 14 years of experience being a support character– trapping, singing, linking, healing, buffing, recovering, supporting, sacramenting and even casting Magnus Exorcismus occasionally.

I came into Payon town (Rune-Midgard Kingdom) in 2003. Ever since then, I’ve attended numerous sieges, finished a lot of quests (the last being the Mora Quest), earned decent amount of zennies through hard work and explored almost all maps including the New World.

Unfortunately, I have to be in hiatus for a year after the first publisher closed their operation in 2015. I migrated into the International Ragnarok Online (iRO) server in 2016 and after finding out that Thor server is not laggy anymore, I’ve been there ever since.

I’m currently with the Majesty Guild of Thor server and enjoying nice compensation for my siege attendance. In addition, I still have some spare time to perform my duty as an acolyte (and eventually a priest) in the new server. In time, you will find me active, always attending the siege, helpful, trustworthy, and upholding all virtues of a valuable priest.

Attached is my current resume for your consideration.



Zach Roerig



Zach Roerig

Upper Kafra Savepoint, Alberta, Rune-Midgard Kingdom, iRO


Position Applied: Acolyte, Priest, Sieger

Objective: To contribute my skills, talents, and devotion to the Guild that would further enhance my character and knowledge.


September 2003-December 2004

Hunter, Trapper

Midgard’s Finest, Sarah Server, pRO

  • Handles the task of protecting the Emperium at the last minute of Siege by laying out all sorts of traps. Making sure that I stay hidden to avoid the skill Spear Boomerang of Knights.
  • Ensure that I have some STR to carry more than 200 traps without reaching 50% weight and enough INT to have the needed SP in laying out these traps.


January 2005- December 2006

Bard / Minstrel

Titans, Lydia Server, pRO

  • Uplifts everyone’s fighting spirit by rendering an upbeat and happy tune – “Song of Bragi” – especially during War of Emperium, in defending our beloved high economy agit.
  • Transforms into a Frost Joker during raids on defending enemies – praying to Odin that I freeze most enemies with a handful of jokes. Making sure that I wear Marc tights to prevent being frozen as well.


January 2007-March 2015

Soul Linker

Fear Us, Thor (Valhalla) Server, pRO

  • Boost my partymates’ morale by channeling the knowledge of the spirits -- past Minstrel, Whitesmith, Assassin Cross, Paladins, Scholars, Biochemists – so that they can perform advance skills that only a Soul Link can provide.
  • Partnering with fellow Soul Linkers to cast Kaupe, Kaahi and Kaite to protect guildmates against one-hit skills like Extremity Fist and even magic attacks like Jupitel Thunder.


November 2016 – present


Majesty, Thor Server, iRO

  • Making my partymates and guildmates alive and well is my first priority. My skill Sacrament is everyone’s best friend and Silentium is handy during our Biolabs party.
  • Handles party making during War of Emperium and making sure that I maximize the party’s capacity to ensure maximum use of Clementia, Canto Candidus, Coluceo Heal, Praefatio, Lauda Agnus and Ramus. Handles Renovatio and Clearance as well.
  • Ensures high ethical standards and making myself a servant, not just for the believers of Odin and Freya, but for those who are endangered by monsters, MVPs and fellow adventurers.



  • Passed the exams of Fathers Rubalkabara and Yosuke and even Mother Marthilda and traveled as far as Morroc just to learn from these great mystics.
  • Passed the Temptation Trials of Baphomet, Doppelganger and the Dark Lord himself – shouting "Devil, Be Gone" in their offers of fame and fortune.
  • Knows the oath of a good priest by Sister Cecile and tries to practice it every day.
  • Successfully killed a rogue Valkyrie by using +7 Stunner during my Archbishop exam.


  • Killing monsters (mostly undead and demon) by using all sorts of Maces – Spike, Quadrille, Nemesis.
  • During WoE Training Edition (where 3rd jobs are not allowed to join), I support my guildmates in Redemption TE as a Soul Linker.

Personal Info:

  • In real life, I have attended most eyeballs (EBs) of Fear Us guild. I attend most Midgard Congress in the old pRO and I’ve been active in attending the events of Ragnarok Online Philippines – the last one was held at Marco Polo hotel.


Character References:


Guild Master, Majesty Guild, iRO-Thor Server



Guild Master, Fear Us Guild, pRO-Valhalla Server


`Shayne / _sheynie_

Wife, iRO-Thor Server

May 7, 2017

The Relaunch of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines

Yesterday’s Ragna Festival 2017 held at SM Annex (of SM North EDSA) was a huge success. A lot of Ragnarok enthusiasts showed up for the event and the huge turnout proves that Ragnarok isn’t really dead in the Philippines (even though it was closed in March 2015).


I tried to be included in the Early Bird promo yesterday but to no avail (I was at the doors of SM Annex at 9:45 AM). When the doors opened at 10:00 AM, a huge crowd dashed to the 4th floor to win in-game events. Lines from 4th floor up to the ground floor were easily formed.

The venue became so small compared to the huge crowd. Most of the Ragnarok enthusiasts who went to the event yesterday wanted to know the details of Ragnarok’s relaunch in the country. However, very few information were given by the representatives of Gravity, Extreme Electronics and Elite Global Sourcing.

Even the media kits that were given to the press and bloggers contain very little information about the official relaunch of Ragnarok Online Philippines and the server information or settings. The media kit basically gave information about the history of Ragnarok in the country as well as information about the companies that will bring back the game. One of the speakers referred to the event as Press Conference.

Yesterday’s Ragna Festival 2017 includes cosplay performances, art contest, raffle, headgear competition and performances of bands Imago and Sandwich. I was surprised Betong was one of the hosts of the event.

Ragnarok Online’s History

Everyone who’s been playing online games, from 2003 up until today, remembers Ragnarok Online. It’s the first full MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) that Filipinos sank their teeth into. It’s why it’s called the pioneer of Filipino MMORPGs.

The game introduced Filipinos to the world of gaming adventure and competition created lifelong friendships. It also sparked the internet café revolution and opened the door for gaming cosplay in the country. It was so popular that Ragnarok Online was made into an incredibly popular 26-episode anime series. Ragnarok Online is loosely based Ragnarok, an incredibly popular Manhwa (Korean manga).

Ragnarok Online is back

According to a popular Taiwanese game web site, Ragnarok ranked number 1 as the most popular game in Taiwan and Thailand. Very soon, it’ll be the number 1 game in Indonesia and in the Philippines.

Ragnarok Online has enjoyed resurgence through its renaissance in Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. Since it was launched in 2003, close to 10 million people played the game in the Philippines.

Gravity Co. Ltd., the developers of the popular MMORPG will grace the event, together with their regional and local publishers, Extreme Electronics and Elite Global Sourcing Inc., respectively. They will make the most awaited announcement Filipino gamers are waiting for.

Electronics Extreme currently owns the publishing rights to Ragnarok Online in Asia and ELITE is the Philippine publishing partner. There will be more major announcements after the Ragnarok Festival so stay tuned!

For more details, visit the Ragnarok Online Philippine page at

Based on the speeches of Rithirong Kaewvicheara (Chief Operating Officer of Extreme Electronics), Johnny Paek (Chief Operating Officer of ELITE) and Kitamura Yoshinori(Chief Operating Officer of Gravity Co. Ltd.), they will be touring Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to promote the game. They also mentioned that a Closed Beta Testing (CBT) will start very soon and that the new server will be personalized based on Philippine market.

At this point, the following questions are left unanswered:

  1. Is it a Free-to-Play (F2P) or Pay-to-Play (P2P)?
  2. When is the exact date of the relaunch? When will the server open?
  3. Is it Classic (up to Transcendent Class) or Renewal (including 3rd Jobs) or both?
  4. Will it be available to players from South East Asia (SEA) or the Philippines only?
  5. Will the server start at Episode 1 (the 6 basic jobs and Rune-Midgard Kingdom only) or Episode 16 (Banquet for Heroes including the Doram Race)?

November 15, 2016

I’m Still Playing Ragnarok Online

I’m back in Ragnarok Online! This time, I’m playing in the International Ragnarok Online (iRO) server, which is based in the US. Last year, Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) closed. Good thing that the characters were migrated to iRO. I was able to migrate most of my characters and I have 5 accounts (I forgot to migrate 1 which contains my assassin cross and crusader). I was on hiatus for a year since pRO closed mostly because I find iRO very laggy. After a year, I’m back and iRO is now playable (no longer laggy). In fact, I can attend sieges with ease.


My 81 whitesmith doing the Bounty Hunting daily quest at Geffen.

When the pRO accounts were migrated to iRO, they created a new server for these characters – Thor. The only problem I’ve encountered is that my zennies were wiped from all of my characters and I lost some items (like counter dagger for my soul linkers). Also, my geneticist’ skills were reset and he no longer have cannon. He’s 150, vitality-intelligence (vit-int) and I don’t know how to level him anymore without using the expensive Acid Bomb (AB) skill. Everything else is intact and are safe in my Kafra storage.

The past few days, I reviewed my characters’ equipment and I realized that it’s all been old school stuff (Rune-Midgard days before the discovery of Schwarzwald Republic and Arunafeltz). I also checked Prontera and most of the items and equipments being vended are new to me. I really have a lot of reading to do from the Warp Portal forums. I need to get familiarized on these new equipments. I also need to know what monsters are dropping the latest equipment. I have a lot of grinding to do since the level cap was raised from 150 to 175. I have the following characters to level-up:

Level 150 Geneticist, Mechanic, Archbishops (2 battles and 1 full-support), Rune Knight (RK), Royal Guard and Scholar

131 Ranger

100+ Kagerou/Oboro (Ninja), Gunslingers

99 Rogue, Wizard, Agi Knight, Soul Linkers (I have 4), Hunter, High Priests, Dancer, Assassin, Star Gladiator, Alchemist

60+ Bard, Wizard

Job 50 Archer, Acolyte

I’m not a botter by the way. All my characters were manual and the product of playing pRO for 12 years (2003-2015). Now I have to kill a thousand more monsters to reach level 175 (yellow aura). It’s my biggest problem these days since I can’t think of any other leveling place except Rachel Sanctuary. There are also fewer players of Ragnarok now for Endless Tower (ET). The current population of Thor is between 400 to 800 players.

Since iRO is based in the United States (for North American clients), the premium service is now using US dollars. That will be way expensive for me to buy Field Manuals and Bubble Gums. The daily Alberta Quest in pRO is not present in iRO. I also can’t find any Eden quest for characters level 100 and above. I need to read a lot from the Warp Portal forum for smarter ways to level-up my characters. Overall, I’m happy to be back in Ragnarok Online.

By the way, I was able to change one of my Gunslingers into Rebellion (next job). I’ve also seen the future job advances for Soul Linkers and Star Gladiators as well as revision to Prontera and improvement to player interface. Gravity (the maker of Ragnarok Online) still has a lot of plans for this MMORPG. Indeed, Ragnarok Online 1 is far from ending.



My full support (FS) priest partying with an assassin.



I need to know these new equipment sets.


My 150 archbishop Zach Roerig attending siege under The Hobbits. War of Emperium (WoE) is very much alive in iRO Thor server.

By the way, the International Ragnarok Online (iRO) is being published by Warp Portal. You can download Ragnarok Online here.

October 25, 2016

Ragnarok Online Valkyrie Server

Yesterday around 6:00 PM a new server called Valkyrie opened to the public. It’s using artwork from the Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) and it seems to be a legit server. Until I spoke to GM Aeon (former GM of Level Up Games) and he confirmed it’s a private server posing as a legit pRO server.


Anyway, I still spent a few hours leveling an Acolyte. It was fun and it really brought back memories on how I fell in love with the game in 2003 when the Official Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) was launched here in the Philippines. It was really a huge success back then. There were really A LOT of people who played the game. Almost all towns and leveling places are filled with Novices, Archers, Acolytes, Thieves, Swordsmen, Magicians and Merchants.

I took the personality test again and to my surprise, the Non-Playable Character (NPC) at the Training Grounds suggested that I took a Merchant job. I still changed my character into an Acolyte. When I first played the Official pRO in 2003 the NPC suggested that I take an Acolyte job but I still changed into an Archer. In later years, I realized that the Priest job is my most-played character/job in pRO.

Playing today in this private server even for a few hours (I wasn’t able to consume all the 5 free Job Hunting Manuals each 30 minutes duration), brought back fond memories of my early days in pRO – Training Grounds, Payon Cave, Payon Town, Prontera, Spores, Willows, etc. I still play Ragnarok once in a while. The good thing about official servers is that if one closes, it will be migrated to another one. Just like what happened to pRO. All player database were transferred to the International Ragnarok Online (iRO) server and I was able to keep my online items (except for zennies which were all wiped out).

I played the Official Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO) for 13 years and attended as much events as possible. Those years playing this online game are some of the most memorable and happiest years of my life. Thank you pRO!



Training Grounds


Cadbury – Acolyte of Valkyrie Server


Payon Cave – levelling spots for the Acolyte-Archer tandem


Payon Town near Kafra


Prontera Warp Area


I need an over-charge, discount (OC-DC) merchant to be able to afford this Morning Star.


I was able to reach level 28 in a few hours. I am levelling now at the Rockers.

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February 12, 2014

Agit Lord 2014

Agit Lords 2014 b

It’s Agit Lord 2014 Season again in Philippine Ragnarok Online. Phase 1 will be from February 12, 2014 up to March 12, 2014 while Phase 2 will be from March 19, 2014 up to April 16, 2014.

This season, I’ll be playing for Hyperion (New Loki) and its allies like Hellraios, Heroes, Cerberus among others. Hopefully, we’ll end up as finalist to the server elimination.


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