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February 12, 2014

Agit Lord 2014

Agit Lords 2014 b

It’s Agit Lord 2014 Season again in Philippine Ragnarok Online. Phase 1 will be from February 12, 2014 up to March 12, 2014 while Phase 2 will be from March 19, 2014 up to April 16, 2014.

This season, I’ll be playing for Hyperion (New Loki) and its allies like Hellraios, Heroes, Cerberus among others. Hopefully, we’ll end up as finalist to the server elimination.

June 25, 2013

Blazzer Card Not Working

Blazzer Card

I recently tried the accessory that has a Blazzer Card on it. It’s suppose to drop a Food item whenever a monster is killed. I even used a Bubble Gum while leveling my new Assassin Cross. To my disappointment, the Blazzer Card is not working!

Not a single Food item was dropped in the 30 minutes that I played. I hope Level Up! Games could look into this bug.

November 29, 2012

X3 Mod XP and X2 Drop

It's a good thing that Level Up! Games, local publisher of Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO), extended the current promo (3 times experience and 2 times drop rate) for another week until December 5, 2012.


I'm currently playing my 3rd priest in Valhalla server and she's currently level 99/62. Yes, she's my first chixilog priest (or shall I say priestess). She's been partying with all sorts of job class in Lava Dungeon level 2, Magmaring, and Juperos level 1. She's also doing the 3 different Alberta Daily Quests.

Good thing it's my rest day tomorrow until Sunday. Hopefully I'll be able to level her job to 70 and then change to Arch Bishop. Wish me luck!

Are you also playing in Valhalla, pRO?

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Maiden Post

Hi! My name is Elmer and I'm a Ragnarok player since 2003. I first played in Loki then migrated to other servers like Sarah, Lydia and then settle in Thor (now Valhalla). I've been playing in Thor/Valhalla since the server opened.


I'm a fan of the soul linker job class and so far, I have 4 soul linkers. I have both battle soul linkers (agi-str) and Esma linkers (int-dex). I had great time playing soul linkers until the 3rd jobs were released. The playing field changed drastically and soul linkers, as well as ninjas, star gladiators, taekwon, and gunslingers, were almost eradicated during sieges.

Anyway, that's another story. Right now, I'm back playing an arch bishop. I'm really into support characters. I'm also a big fan of Dee and he's my inspiration on creating this blog. I hope I could maintain this as long as there is Ragnarok Online.

I have tons of screenshots to post and stories to tell about my Ragnarok adventures in Valhalla server, Philippine Ragnarok Online (pRO). Stick around for more!

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